Meet Cinnabon!

Name: Cinnabon (on left side, in photo)

Breed: Maine Coon

Likes: Sleeping, watching birds, being brushed, water … likes to wash her paws in her water bowl and dunks her toys and especially likes sneaking high calorie dry cat food from Belles bowl … Cinnabon is a bit of a couch potato so she gets low calorie, fur ball control dry food while Belle gets steak and shrimp flavor Fancy Feast dry cat food. Likes to go for rides in the car. Loves running through the house and carpet surfing on the throw rugs. Thinks that the boxes from Costco are the best spots for sleeping.

If my owners must leave the house each day to work to earn $ for my kibble, I am agreeable to that but why can’t they work some place that is pet friendly so I have a lap to sit on all day long.

Dislikes: Does not like that her owners work … an owners place is at home providing a warm lap for sleeping 24/7. Does not like fighting with Belle. Wishes Belle would be more mellow.

About Cinnabon: Cinnabon is 6 years old and Belle is 4 years old. We particularly selected this breed for their loving, family oriented tendencies. Belle is a very busy kitty … she thinks she runs the house and is the top cat in our house. She has to be in the middle of everything and never rests. She runs every where and has come close to tripping us many times. She is very smart and knows she is not allowed on counters, tables etc. but she just can not control her impulse to be in the middle of everything. Because of her curiosity, she has earned the nickname No, No, Bad Cat. Cinnabon is the mellow, patient, older and wiser kitty with a huge purr. They have their kitty disagreements but they always make up and are fond of cuddling together. They particularly like Spring when they can sit in the window together and chatter at the birds that come by to tempt them.

Cinnabon and Belle love their friend Sugar from Sit-A-Pet. When their mom and dad are on travel, they patiently wait in the window for Sugar to come play with them. They particularly like when Sugar lets them chase the laser around the kitchen floor.