Meet Russell!

Name: Russell (aka Kyttrs, Ruslan, Tiny Guy, Mr. Saucy Pickles, Vampire Kitty)

Breed: A lovely grey domestic shorthair

Likes: Drinking water from the faucet; Getting in boxes and bags; Chasing miniature tennis balls; Watching birds and helicopters through the window; Scratching on the couch; Climbing, jumping, running; Cuddling at 4 am.

Plz can play nao?

Dislikes: Tissues and toilet paper that haven’t been destroyed yet; Drinking water from a bowl; Most flavors of treats; The vacuum cleaner; Cuddling at any time other than 4 am

About Russell: When we first saw Russell, he was lounging luxuriously on his back at the DC Animal Shelter on New York Avenue. We fell in love and adopted him; we were told that he was four months old, and the veterinarian predicted he would be a small guy. He’s grown into a 15-pound one-year old, though, so maybe he was even younger than we thought! He’s been with us for almost a year now, and life is treating him just fine, especially when we manage to buy him the flavors of treats that he likes!

Watch a video of Russell in action.