Meet Mr. Leroy!

Name: Mr. Leroy (or “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair – prefers to be called “blond” rather than “buff”

Likes: His Kitty Hooch catnip (shown in picture); being front and center and underfoot at a party; sitting on your briefcase so you can not go to work; playing with his water bowl and moving it across the kitchen floor like it’s on a Ouija board.

Let’s have a party!

Dislikes: The new water bowl that makes it hard to move and is spill-proof; at 22 lbs. he has a great big belly and will roll over and dare you to rub it, but beware, he’s just kidding-he’ll go for you!

About Mr. Leroy: He was a lost, adventuresome kitty that was found and brought to the vet for adoption. He has lived with his family in West Virginia, Maine and now Virginia. He is a real snuggle bug and his pet sitter adores him and spoils him in the way to which he is accustomed.