Meet Rusty!

Name: Rusty. Nickname is “Rusty G”. She’s an OG cat (original gangster). She’s all business.

Breed: Orange tabby

Likes: Rusty likes to have things her own way. She appreciates being left alone. She likes anything requiring the use of a can opener – for any reason. At the very sound she can speak in full sentences.

What are YOU lookin’ at?

Dislikes: Where should I begin? Don’t touch Rusty anywhere but on her head. The last person to try is still recovering. It’s especially tempting to touch her saggy belly as it swings from side to side, but don’t try it! We jokingly call that her “little purse” where she keeps her lipstick and metro farecard. Please, please keep your hands off her purse!

About Rusty: Her excuse for being so ornery was that she was born in a barn. As a kitten we were sure she had distemper. Turns out it was just bad temper. Over the years (she is now 13) I thought I could soften her up but I continue to lose blood in the effort.

Somehow Callie at Sit-A-Pet has found the key to Rusty’s heart. They sit together on the couch, Rusty leaning against her leg. That’s as good as it gets. It makes you feel special when Rusty allows you to spend some time with her.

Why does Rusty deserve to be the Sit-A-Pet pet of the month? YOU look her in the eye and tell her she’s doesn’t.