Meet Ilio Keiki o Kala!

Name: Ilio Keiki o Kala

Breed: 1/2 Pit Bull / 1/2 Wild Thing

Likes: Sit-A-Pet’s very own Jim “Kimo” Alder; as Cartman on South Park says “Cheesy Poofs”; his favorite food buddy, Katjiah the cat; kickin’ in the sun Hawai’ian-style; chasing wild boar (although those days have passed); and Billy.

I want my Cheesy Poof and a kiss every day!

Dislikes: Crowds; thunderstorms; any impediment to freedom; pre-conceived notions about pit bulls.

About Ilio: Ilio was born on the big island of Hawai’i, also known as Hawai’i, on August 3rd, 1993, to his mom, Kala (pit bull) and his dad, Bo (from a pack of wild dogs that adopted Ilio’s owner, Billy)…

Ilio was the 7th born out of 11 puppies to his mom who hid them in the jungles on the 25-acre property they all lived, but the owner found them in time to be there for his birth and help deliver him…the only white puppy in the group!!

Along with the 12 dogs his owner had at the time, he was raised along with his 10 brothers & sisters as well as 10 more puppies born 3 days after him – making him one of 21 puppies and 12 grown dogs!!

Having lived in the jungles of Hawai’i far from civilization for a long time, Ilio had seen about 3 or 4 humans when he was whisked off of the island and moved with his owner, his sister & his son to Washington, DC. All of this was his first encounter with people, cars, concrete, lots of city noises and lack of freedom.

He recently moved to his new home in Silver Spring, Maryland where he has a wonderful fenced yard, Jacuzzi, his own studio in the back and lots of brothers and sisters once again…and at 13 he is happy, healthy and very wise…!!