Meet Abby!

Name: Abby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Getting brushed!!!! She drools in ecstacy. She also likes playing with her string and chewing on hands. And, of course, she loves her daddy.

I’m just wild about Harry!

Dislikes: Other cats, getting her nails clipped, and having to wait to get brushed while her dinner is being prepared and her box scooped. Priorities!!

About Abby: She likes having her own apartment all to herself, which she is generous enough to share with Harry. She is always happy to see her petsitters, and runs laps from the bedroom to the living room when they arrive. She knows that this is HER time and doesn’t hesitate to call the shots. A very affectionate kitty, she likes to give love as much as she likes to receive it.