Name: Gus

Breed: Domestic shorthair, tabby plus something else???

Likes: Being petted, nonstop purring, investigating cups and glasses, the lap of whoever is sitting down, curling up beside Crystal and patting her face when she tries to sleep, and anyone from Sit-A-Pet (especially Arlene)

Could you please move your book or iPad so I can take over your lap and be petted?

Dislikes: Nothing, except don’t try to trim his claws

About Gus: Gus is a rescue cat who lived with John’s sister in Norfolk for several years. She was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and became unable to take care of Gus. We took him with us in March 2023, and he has fit in perfectly. We are at least his third home, so he’s used to new places. He’s an old man of 17 or so years, is deaf and arthritic, but a very sweet boy who still has a lot to give us. We’ve used Sit-A-Pet since 1997, and Gus has received the same great care that all of our pets have received. I think he has a budding romance with Arlene!