Name: Odysseus Orion William-Nilliam Mitchell-Karbowsky (a.k.a. Ody)

Breed: American shorthair cow cat

Likes: Fetching. Playing. Sushi. Laps. His favorite chair. Helping his humans type.

I have so many feelings and I don’t know why!

Dislikes: Too many to list! He’s a very particular cat. Changes are hard! Clothes being packed are scary! Waking up from naps is the worst! Laps shouldn’t have to move!

About Ody: Ody is a big cat with a bigger personality. He loves to cuddle–sometimes, though, only on his extremely selective terms. He’s been fetching rattly mice since he was a kitten, and it’s still his favorite game–sometimes he’ll just show up with a mouse and an expectant look. He’s thrilled to have found a home in a place with LOTS of sunbeams–especially when they cross his favorite chair. He’s inseparable from his sister Persephone, and he can’t wait till his other sister Artemis is comfortable enough to play with him. Oh, and he has magnificent haunches!

Although Ody loves his parents and his sisters, he has a special place in his heart for his favorite petsitter, Tristine.