Name: Roosevelt Franklin (and not the other way around); commonly referred to as “Dude Stop”, “Dude Get Down” and “Hey”. Responds to none of the above, because cats.

Breed: Orange tabby cat with many traits of a human toddler

Likes: Garbage collection day, darting outside, my squirrel friends who stop by every morning, and Winston.

I don’t care for Zoom conference calls, but when I have to, I do them swinging from the blinds. HR has weighed in.

Dislikes: Empty food bowls, people that don’t give me the attention I command, and obstacles that prevent me from leaping to the top of the fridge.

About Roosevelt Franklin: My name is Roosevelt Franklin, after the precocious 1970’s character on Sesame Street, with a nod to the American president.
My brother, Winston Churchill, and I found our person through City Kitties rescue two years ago, when we were babies from the same litter. Winston is shy, but I have been shot out of a cannon since day one. Not content with being a standard orange tabby, I have the cutest patch of black fur on my side that people try to wash off when they meet me.
I am the reason we have childproof caps throughout the house. In my first month here, I lit the gas stove and singed all my whiskers. It seemed to be a pretty big deal. I have many jobs I take seriously. I escort my person down the stairs every…single…time. I run as fast as I can to catch the mail as it is coming through the slot, and now that we are co-workers I must do the same with pages that shoot out of the printer. After all, the floor could be lava.
The saving grace for us, mostly me, is that we sleep so cute that all is forgiven in the end. In my waking hours, you will find me and Winston in the window passing judgment. I am the one chewing on an electrical cord.

Our person loves Sit-a-Pet. For two years, we have been breaking in our sitter who brings us toys, plays with us and “lets” me startle her by jumping on her shoulders when she attempts to leave.