Name: Zeus

Breed: Domestic shorthair/Russian blue?

Likes: Attention, screened-in back porch, fetching rubber toy, trying to escape house via front door, us, Max, Sam somewhat less so, Lindsay from Sit-a-Pet, the cat tree, chewing bare feet (particularly our daughter’s), sleeping in the linen closet, something to do

Isn’t there an engineering school that accepts cats?

Dislikes: Lack of attention, being confined against his will, being bored

About Zeus: We adopted Zeus (original name) along with Sam and Max in October 2015 from the excellent Montgomery County Humane Society is Rockville, MD. We had in mind a male and a female, but Sam (4 mos.) jumped onto John’s lap, looked at him adoringly, and that was that. Zeus (2 mos.) was an irresistible kitten. Max (6 mos.) was absolutely determined to leave with us because, we realized later, of his devotion to Zeus, which continues. Sam is the most affectionate, but Zeus is the most responsive, interactive, and high-energy cat we have ever had. He knows his name is Zeus. He is fascinated with the way things work: the cat tree(s), the water machine, anything that comes apart. He wants to participate and does so wish he had opposable thumbs. And the five of us couldn’t possibly do without Sit-a-Pet. Thank you!