Meet Truman!

Name: Truman

Breed: Holland Lop

Likes: Bananas, Papaya, fuzzy blankets, face rubs, Game of Thrones, and NPR

I may look small and cute, but let’s face it, I’m in charge here.

Dislikes: When his humans sleep in on the weekend, vacuum cleaners, loud noises, and when someone sits in his spot on the couch.

About Truman: Truman was adopted from Arlington Animal Welfare. He was named after President Harry S. Truman, the only president from Missouri where his human parents moved to DC from. Truman loves to be the center of attention and his favorite thing is to have his face rubbed, which makes him smile. He is energetic and loves to explore, but is unaware of the world outside of the apartment where he lives. For fun, Truman likes to push a ball with papaya treats hidden inside around the apartment, play a bunny version of hide-and-seek, and kick his feet back and watch TV from our couch (Truman is a bit of a couch potato and Game of Thrones is his favorite show).