Meet Sunny!

Name: Sunny

Breed: Cockatiel

Likes: To fly around.

If someone is called a bird brain I take that as a compliment!

Dislikes: To go back in my cage.

About Sunny: Hi everyone, I’m down at Ocean City right now. I go back and forth in my human parents’ car from Chevy Chase every month. The toll booth person at the bay bridge thinks I’m very handsome. Of course I am. I am 16 years old which is very old for my breed, but I don’t look or feel old. I fly around, I squawk a lot and I turn upside down to show off. Sometimes my parents wheel me out on the deck in Chevy Chase. Other birds not nearly as handsome as I come up to my cage to visit with me. They even come looking for me when I’m inside. Life is good since I came to my new home five years ago. I couldn’t fly there. I moved because my former parent went off to college and my new parents had just lost their cockatiel and were very sad. The Sit-A-Pet people are great. They have been taking care of me and I’ve been told all of my parents’ pets for 30 years. Well bye for now. Just know that we cockatiels, originally from Australia, are great pets and very smart besides.