Meet Stella!

Name: Stella

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: Food. And did I say food? She likes to tease her big sister and knock small objects off countertops. She likes to lie on her back and let me pet her under her arms.

I may be built like a fireplug, but I move fast as a cannonball.

Dislikes: Having her claws clipped. Dislikes jumping onto high landing places.

About Stella: Stella joined the family two years ago after the unexpected death of my dear cat Paco. Paco’s lifelong companion began walking around the house crying piteously, and I decided to risk bringing in a new cat. Hence Stella. Her name fits her personality. She’s solid and huggable and curious about everything! And her fur is oh so soft!

Stella likes knowing that when Mom’s away, Sit-A-Pet will be taking good care of her. After all, they’ve been caring for my pets for the past incredible 30 years!