Meet Miles!

Name: Miles Alves Vayá

Breed: Long Haired Miniature Dachshund

Likes: First and foremost, Miles loves cheese. He eats more cheese than his parents! Miles was a very stubborn puppy (still a stubborn adult) and would not eat puppy treats. His vet suggested he be trained with cheese. Since then he is very offended when anyone eats cheese in his presence, after all, isn’t all cheese for him? He likes to sit in human chairs because it gives him a better vantage point to see everything. He loves to play ball and run around the house. He also loves to destroy any toy that has a squeaker inside it. He loves to take 20 minutes to cover half a block so he can sniff every blade of grass. Lately, he likes to jump into the baby’s swing and take a ride. He was very skeptical about the baby (born in December 2010) at first, thinking he would go away eventually. After a couple weeks, he realized the little human was not going away and now he likes him and gives him kisses whenever he is low enough to the ground to receive them.

What do you mean I’m not a human?

Dislikes: Miles hates to be left alone. He is very social and prefers to be in the company of humans. He does not like when his parents sleep in late, it’s daytime, wake up! He paces back and forth until they wake up to take him for his morning walk. He is also not a fan of bigger dogs or any alpha dog. He rolls right over on his back to show his belly if a dog tries to be aggressive with him. He is a lover, not a fighter.

About Miles Alves Vayá: Miles is nearly 12 years old. He does not look or act his age! He was adopted by his mommy when he was nearly 4 months old. She was young and single at the time and he became her partner in crime. Living in Downtown DC they had many adventures and made several friends. About four years after Miles was adopted, a man entered the picture, Miles’s approval was crucial. He passed all of Miles’s tests and soon he had a dad. They have been best buddies ever since. Miles’s Daddy is a Type 1 diabetic. Miles is very good at warning his Mommy and Daddy when he has low blood sugar. He barks and paces and once jumped on his daddy’s chest to warn him.

As previously mentioned, Miles is stubborn. He knows what he wants and is very upset when things don’t go his way. He has a very expressive face; he can melt the most hardened heart with his sad eyebrow face. When he is happy he appears to be smiling. He longs for the day that the baby starts to eat on his own so that he can sit under the highchair waiting for his extra treats! He is most honored to be selected as the pet of the month! He loves sit-a-pet buddy Liz and has many adventures with her when his parents are out of town.

Why does he deserve to be pet of the month? Because he is the sweetest, funniest, smartest little guy you will ever meet. He never forgets a face and is very loyal to the people that are lucky enough to be in his life. He’s irresistible!