Meet Grover!

Name: Grover

Breed: Short Hair Tabby

Likes: Food; as much lap time as possible; small, cozy spaces; Sitter Liz; food; paper bags and boxes; listening to guests at dinner parties; food; combing (sometimes); paper to sit on; watching birds and squirrels; clean litter boxes; old, familiar cat beds; and food.

There are no ordinary cats, so any time spent with a cat is never wasted.

Dislikes: Trips to vets; nail clipping; guests who don’t like cats; sudden loud noises; owners’ trips away; “spritzes” for bad behavior; anything he has to wear.

About Grover: Grover is a noble, but laid-back and funny, 18-year old transplant from the suburbs of Chicago. He has lived in Arlington since 1995. Formerly a part-time outdoors cat, he has been strictly indoors since becoming a Virginian. In his maturity, he may have slowed a bit, and perhaps cannot jump quite so high. But he has retained his spirit, his playfulness, his appetite, and his love of being with people.

In his younger days, Grover enlivened things with such shenanigans as bringing live chipmunks into the house, instigating trips to the emergency shelter after eating weed killer, displaying his bird trophies, etc. Now he settles for being a constant and loving companion.