Meet Pliny!

Name: Pliny (or Plin-plin, Pliny-whinney, Pliny the Younger)

Breed: All American alley — black and white and sleek

Likes: My five buddies — especially wrestling with Csaba and Fern; opening doors to bedrooms and baths (even latched); moving the bubbling water bowl across the kitchen; and following Daddy around the house.

Wake up, wake up!

Dislikes: Sleeping kitties who won’t play with me, doors I can’t open, humans who think they should be doing something other than petting me, and posing for photographs

About Pliny: I was brought home by Mom and Dad after being fostered by the Montgomery County Humane Society. My foster Mom called me Jay Leno Ð but I thought that was a silly name and like mine better now. Much more dignified. Mom and Dad think I am exceptionally smart but wish I would sleep more like other cats. Nonetheless, I do the job I was brought home to do — keeping Csaba (a fat orange fellow) from constantly jumping on Maria (a temperamental black beauty, if I ever saw one). I always come to the door first when Sit-a-Pet comes because I know I will get attention and chow!