Meet Tessie!

Name: Tessie

Breed: Lab/Chow Mix

Likes: Romps in the Rock Creek Park woods; chasing squirrels; big juicy bones; swimming when its hot (or whenever); chasing balls (but not retrieving them); escaping from my yard and running around the neighborhood; making the two-year old boy in my house laugh by licking his feet.

Life is Sweet

Dislikes: The scary metal scale at the Vet’s; baths; really hot weather; walks that are too short.

About Tessie: We discovered Tessie at a Lost Dog Rescue event in January 2003, when she was 9 months old. She was a little nervous, but had the sweet temperament she has to this day. Tessie is friendly to every person or dog she meets and is always ready to run and play in an instant. If she’s mad at being left alone too long (which is rare), Tessie expresses her displeasure by taking one sneaker or slipper (never two) out to the backyard, but not chewing it. That’s about as bad as this beautiful, gentle dog ever behaves. She loves her Sit-A-Pet friends Tammy and Sarah and enjoys taking them for walks.