Meet Nick!

Name: Nick (one-half of the dynamic brother/sister act of Nick and Nora)

Breed: Just a big, fat, happy, handsome tabby

Likes: Fine dining, including virtually anything edible, especially asparagus, tomatoes, yogurt, and anything with salad dressing; bird and squirrel-watching from his window seat; observing all bathroom activities; sitting on the sink to have his face washed; playing with water; tormenting Nora; stealing her food; doing his trick, the back-flip; sleeping under the covers; snuggling and spooning (the perfect man!)

Hey, nice to see ya, how ya doin’, when’s dinner?” Or “You’re really gonna make that bed? I don’t think so.

Dislikes: Suitcases; thunder; aluminum foil; vacuum cleaners; hairdryers; being ignored, or worse—getting less attention than Nora; waiting for dinner; not being offered a taste of whatever you’re having; visitors in the house; the vet

About Nick: Nick and Nora were born 12 years ago in a barn in Luray, Virginia. They were rescued when dear friends, vets in Luray, spotted a kid with a box of kittens on his way to drown them in a pond. They moved in with me before they were weaned and quickly adapted to condo life. Nick is “Velcro kitty”—always right at my side or on my lap—no small feat for a 20-pound bruiser. He always says hello when he comes in the room, and will lie on his back and talk away. I’m sure he’s telling some hilarious story. He’s like a dog on point if there’s a spider or bug in the house, and he once yelled for me to come see that smoke was streaming out of an electrical socket. I’ve never once in 12 years gone to sleep at night when he wasn’t curled up under my right arm. He’s shy, a total Mama’s boy, who has no use for any other human except me—but he makes an exception for his Sit-A-Pet godmother, Eva, who has taken care of him—more frequently than he would like—for most of his life. I can’t imagine what we would do without Eva, Debbie, Libby, and everyone at Sit-A-Pet. Through long absences and family emergencies, I have always counted on their professionalism, care, and infinite kindness, and have never been disappointed.