Meet Lizzie!

Name: Lizzie (A.K.A. “The Quilted Lizard”, “Khuzzer”, “Two Ton Lizzie”, “The animal vacuum cleaner”, “Lizzie Pumpkin”, “Lizzie Poo”)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Likes: Waffles with syrup and peanut butter, poptarts, cupcakes, scrambled eggs, chocolate chip cookies. I like to try and work it off by running with my Mom and swimming in an especially scummy algae covered pond. Chasing wild geese is also a lot of fun, as is chasing Toonces the Cat around the house. Cuddling, playing with the kids and car rides are the best!

I ate 2 dozen cupcakes without leaving a trace of evidence!

Dislikes: Taking my medicine, eating dogfood every day, staying home when THEY all get to go for a car ride, real hot weather, baths, giving back the ball.

About Lizzie: I have been a happy part of this wonderful family for all of my three and a half years. From the beginning I’ve battled the “bulge,” first with exercise, and now, horrors, a low-carb diet. I really miss the waffles, but to make them feel better, I pretend to like my nightly green beans. I adore the four kids here, and they adore me, but Toonces and I sometimes fight like cat and dog. Except for those darned deer who think that my yard is their yard, I love almost every animal and person I meet. This summer I’m happy to hang in the cool shade of the outside hedges, or hugging the cool tile in the bathroom. During any season however, my favorite spot to be is riding in the car, because I’ll always have company!