Meet Paco!

Name: Paco

Breed: Puma (His very own breed developed by his very own vet, Dr. John Meyer at the Marymount Animal Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland)

Likes: Hopping onto the window seat for a long BRUSH session! He also likes jumping into the bathtub and knocking everything off the tub’s corners. (he has six toes, so it’s EASY!) Bang! And knocking my drinking glass off the bedstand at dawn if lazy Mom hasn’t gotten out of bed yet!

You can’t possibly still be asleep????!!!

Dislikes: Oh how he hates my hair dryer! He growls even to see me take it out of the cabinet. He also hates it when he sits patiently on his favorite “hang-ey toy” and I ignore him.

About Paco: When I adopted him he was so afraid of people it took MONTHS before I could walk across a room and pick him up! Now he’s a wuss. Loves to be petted, loves to chase after his toy. Loves to pounce on and pummel his companion Jetta. He’s waiting by the door when I…or Sit A Pet…comes in. He comes when I call him in at night from his prowling ground in the backyard. He’s a happy kitty.