Name: Miss Kitty

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Everything was perfect until those other cats came to stay and never left. But I’m spoiled so life is good.

Likes: Playing with stretchy hair bands — paws down The. Best. Toy. Ever. Being outside (when my people are home). It used to be fun to climb the willow tree but now I like to hang out under the huMAN’s workbench to watch things, or roll on the concrete (aaahhh), or make my people let me in one door and back out another, in and out, in and out….. Growling and swatting at Osiris and Moxie to remind them I’m the boss. Snuggling on cold nights with my people

Dislikes: Osiris and Moxie (those interlopers). An outdoor cat, Austin, who thinks he owns this neighborhood

About Miss Kitty: Our daughter and granddaughter adopted her as a kitten and named her Parrot because she liked to sit on their shoulders. But they couldn’t keep a kitty where they lived so we adopted her. The name Parrot didn’t seem to fit so I came up with Kimba, for Kimba the White Lion (1960s/early 70s tv anime). That didn’t stick at all. One day, after we saw an episode of Gunsmoke, we knew Parrot/Kimba would forever be known as Miss Kitty.  She came to live with us while my dear cat, Rocky, was still here, in his golden years. I first called Sit-A-Pet when Rocky was just a kitten — 25 years ago!  They were fabulous then and are still fabulous!