Name: Mr. Muffins and Gunter

Breed: Guinea pigs

Likes: Mr. Muffins (Brown and white) loves carrots more than any other snack, maybe except for a grape here and there. Gunter (albino) on the other hand is not picky at all. Somehow the food that Mr. Muffins is eating always seems to be better than the food that is still in the bowl! For play time they both like to run around and explore new corners of the room.

Life is just a bowl of carrots!

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts. Definitely brussels sprouts

About Mr. Muffins and Gunter: Mr. Muffins and Gunter were adopted from the Washington Humane Rescue Alliance in August of 2017. They are both male guinea pigs, which is usually not a good idea because they tend to fight. These guys however, are best buds and grew up together. They just love snuggling up together for a nap and sleep in a Ying and Yang position (head to butt and head to butt!!).