Meet Pepe!

Name: Pepe Chalmers

Breed: Orange Costa Rican Diplocat

Likes: Eating plastic wrappers, watching squirrels through the window, pretending he’s the captain of his laundry basket cruise ship, and opening his own Christmas presents

Dios mio, soy guapo! (“My god, I’m handsome!”)

Dislikes: Snuggling on anyone’s terms other than his, when mom packs for a trip, a dirty cat box, and moving

About Pepe: Pepe is a pure bred diplocat. Found on the mean streets of San Jose, Costa Rica as a kitten in a box on the side of the road, Pepe’s story is truly one of rags to riches. After serving his first two years as a diplocat for the U.S. embassy there, he made the big move to our nation’s capitol. It was a short time after the move that Pepe was lucky enough to meet and fall for his one true love, Denise. The rest is history. Pepe enjoys his alone time with her when his mom goes away on business. Pepe’s mom trusts that Denise is a keeper! Although recently, there’s been a gal named Debbie coming around who seems equally fond of the catsanova kitty. To be continued for this tailanovela.