Meet Pippin and Sasha!

Name: Pippin and Sasha

Breed: Manx Tabbies

Likes: Whiling away the hours together eating, napping and playing – in that order.

We’re two Good Hombres!

Dislikes: Too much time in between meals

About Pippin and Sasha: These Manx brothers are two Good Hombres! Pippin and Sasha, rescued from a kitty mill nine years ago, are as social and loving as they are adorable. Given their traumatic beginning, they are extremely close as brothers. Pippin – the smaller of the two – is particularly sensitive and loves to be held and cuddled. He is very vocal and tells us exactly what’s on his mind with his extensive vocabulary. Sasha is more independent, but is always nearby and makes regular appearances in videoconferences when I work from home. He loves his food…as well as Pippin’s, lending to his beautiful coat and healthy size!

We remain grateful for the day these guys came into our lives, and for the wonderful love and care Sit-A-Pet provides when we are away.