Meet Pablo!

Name: Pablo

Breed: Male Tuxedo

Likes: Socializing, being brushed “in stereo” (i.e., with two brushes at the same time), waking people up at 6AM, having his nails manicured (trimmed), running around after pooping, drinking from the bathtub, sardines.

Why are these people not brushing me right now? They don’t seem too bright. Those brushes are not going to move by themselves.

Dislikes: Being ignored, people who close bedroom/bathroom doors, car rides, hairballs, having his tummy rubbed, the vet.

About Pablo: Pablo is a veteran kitty (will turn 15 next Valentine’s Day) but still has a youthful spirit and a penchant for mischief. He was adopted as a kitten from the SPCA who had named him “Pablo the Latin Lover.” At the time he was in poor health but managed to make a swift recovery and quickly grew into a large cat (he prefers the term “big boned”). He has moved 5 times around the DC area but always seems to quickly adapt to his new surroundings. His built-in alarm clock feature works extremely well and kicks off promptly at 6AM each morning, even on weekends and holidays. His hobbies include bird watching through large windows and pouncing on feathered toys. A very social cat, he can always be found just a few feet from people and will follow them throughout the apartment if they move around. Pablo is truly a delight to be around and a wonderful addition to the household.