Meet Snowy!

Name: Snowy

Breed: Domestic short hair

Likes: Being into everything you are doing, taking over your lap, singing, eating

Some have called me Mr. Obnoxious, but that obnoxious streak saved my life!

Dislikes: Being ignored, closed doors

About Snowy: This beautiful boy is about 12 years old, we think. He was rescued by a loving WARL volunteer when he showed up at her back door last winter crying his heart out. He is the fourth of the five FIV+ cats we have had. Snowy is so assertively affectionate that he has been nicknamed “Mr. Obnoxious” but he is really just loving to a fault! Our FIV+ cats have all lived normal lives and have had no health problems related to their FIV+ status and they all have lived happily together. They have lived with non-FIV+ cats with no contagion. They are wonderful, gorgeous creatures that don’t deserve the misinformation out there about FIV+ cats! Do not pass up an opportunity to adopt an FIV+ cat: you and the cat will be grateful that you did for years to come. If you have any questions about FIV+ cats, contact Sit-A-Pet and we will be happy to talk to you about it!