Meet Rosie and Benji!

Name: Rosie and Benji

Breed: Rosie: grey & white domestic shorthair; Benji: white domestic shorthair

Likes: Catnip, chasing the laser pointer up and down the hallway, playing with the kitty tease, big bright windows and warm sleeping spots. For Rosie it’s boxes and high places like the top of the refrigerator; Benji likes being in the center of things like the laptop keyboard or on top of whatever is being worked on at the desk. And of course they love all their Sit-A-Pet friends.

Doesn’t everyone like R&B?

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements, carrier cases and vet visits.

About Rosie and Benji: As manager of the Sit-A-Pet DC office I get to know a lot of clients and their pets at a distance, but every once in a while I get to actually meet the kitties, as was the case with these two fabulous felines.

R & B were once residents of the Watergate where they lived with a longtime Sit-A-Pet client. When she became very ill we began taking care of them long-term while she was in and out of the hospital. Each of the sitters that met them immediately fell in love with these very sweet cats … and I of course was no exception. In April 2013 I had to put my 19 year old kitty to sleep. I was brokenhearted and wasn’t looking to bring another cat into my home just yet, but figuring I wasn’t committing to anything in the near future, I told Benji and Rosie’s person (who was worried about what would happen to her babies if anything happened to her) that I would take them if and when that day came. In June she sold her condo and was getting ready to move into a smaller place in Logan Circle but before closing day she went back into the hospital. The new owners wanted to close on the place so it was decided that Rosie and Benji would come to stay with me just until they could be reunited with their “momma” at their new place when she was better. Unfortunately shortly after they came to stay with me she passed away and so Rosie and Benji became permanent residents. They have filled the empty place in my heart and made themselves right at home from the moment they came through the door. They are the sweetest, most entertaining cats with great athletic ability. They have definitely stolen my heart and have no intention of giving it back.