Meet Cleo!

Name: Cleo- also known as “Soccer kitty”

Breed: Russian Blue

Likes: I got my nickname Soccer Kitty because I can kick anything off a table, shelf or counter. I just walk by and swat everything onto the floor. My roommate doesn’t seem to appreciate my talents as she always clears things away before I get to them. Guess it has something to do with the marble clock I knocked off a dresser and almost hit her with. I also play fetch. This seems to entertain the roommate. She throws the ball, I get it, bring it back in my mouth and then I get petted and extra treats. When my roommate comes back each day I hear her coming and stand right by the door so she won’t miss me when she enters. Then I flop down and roll onto my back and wait for my tummy to be rubbed. It’s a bit harder now with my arthritis. I think she’s still happy that I make the effort to wake up and come greet her by the door these days. And I am more than happy to come to her bed each morning and sleep next to her (so that she doesn’t forget the morning feeding) but in the summer I prefer to soak up as much sun and warmth as possible so am usually laying in the morning sun and somehow my roommate always remembers our food deal and I eventually get up from the sunbathing and find my breakfast already served. On rainy days I like exploring in all the closets and open drawers. I should have been an escape artist as I constantly show everyone that I can fit into any box I find – the smaller the better! My roommate has made her work schedule fit around my sleep schedule and I like to see her every day. I only have one other friend, Kathy, who comes to visit me when the roommate and her husband go away.

Don’t bother me – it’s naptime

Dislikes: Every time I run out the front door I realize I have no idea where I am but I always get picked up and brought back home. I don’t like cars, other people, truck noises, thunder, other cats, the vet, anyone touching my stuff, and big dogs that we see from the cars. I also don’t like being awakened from naps. About 6 years ago my roommate got married and this guy moved in with us and now he uses my half of the bed. I go on hunger strikes anytime my roommate tries to make me eat a new food. Eventually she gets the idea. If any of you other cats want advice on how to deal with the roommates, write me at But be patient about me writing back, my paw – body weight isn’t enough to push the computer power button on, so I have to wait until computer is on. I can type fast as I can hit 5 keys with one paw. I like to show this talent off to my roommate while she is using the computer, but like my soccer talent, she doesn’t seem to appreciate it.

About Cleo: My life started 18 years ago. I was hanging out with my 5 brothers and sisters at the humane society. We played a lot and since Mom was gone we were on our own. Then one day when I was about 7 weeks old this lady came in. She seemed cool and I felt comfortable being my usual rambunctious self and I am sure she chose me because of my attitude. Then she took me to her house which then became my house and I agreed to be roommates under the following conditions: 1) She brings me fresh food from the can every morning and night, 2) she always cleans the litter box and 3) I get a water fountain water bowl.

Over the last 18 years we haven’t moved much which suits me fine. I like our arrangement which is that I let her handle all the housing expenses and cleaning and I sleep. However, I am not sure if I will allow another move without my approval as the last time we moved this caused me some serious anxiety when all my stuff was being emptied out of our house without consulting me.