Meet Winston!

Name: Winston

Breed: Long Hair Domestic

Likes: I love to cuddle and have my mom brush me or just pet me. I love to wake my mom up in the middle of the night so she will love on me. But mostly I wake her up so I can have the pillow she is laying on. I love to sit in the window all day and look outside and I get really excited if I happen to see a bird or squirrel nearby. I love when my pet sitters come to take care of me, because they bring different toys for me to play with. I love that Kathy hides treats for me between visits. My favorite treats are tuna and cheese, and if I am really good, my mom will give me some of the chicken she has for dinner.

It’s a cat’s world…adjust

Dislikes: There isn’t much I don’t like, but I don’t like loud noises, such as the vacuum cleaner, alarms, or the crashing sound things make if I knock them over. I become sad when my mom pulls out the suitcase, because I know that means she is leaving me to go someplace. I don’t care for collars or cute outfits or costumes. I especially don’t like it if there are other animals around and they get more attention.

About Winston: Winston was found as stray when his owner lived in North Carolina. He has lived with me for over 10 years. Since he was found as a stray, we don’t know his exact age, but he still acts like a kitten as he runs and plays around the house. He is named Winston after Winston Salem (home of RJR Tobacco) because he is “black as smoke.” His owner finds it hard to believe that someone would let Winston go, because he is the most loving cat. Winston isn’t allowed to go outside, because as his history shows, he doesn’t always find his way home. Winston loves to be loved on, and anyone who has an extra hand available will find Winston under it ready to be petted. Winston would like to thank Kathy, his current pet sitter for taking such good care of him, and nominating him for this award. He will be available for autographs soon!