Meet Tootsie!

Name: Tootsie, Toots, Tootsie Wootsie, Caesar Tootsicus, Great Gray Eminence

Breed: Oxford GrayÊIntegrated Pedantic (mixed breed)

Likes: Cheese, hot muggy nights out on the prowl, sleeping late with the boys, his Kittie Tease Delux, when his people hang out on the back deck with him.

I’m frequently mistaken for Clint Eastwood.

Dislikes: Walking on ice, when Dolly (his fellow cat mate) dares to eat first, when dogs come to visit.

About Tootsie: Tootsie came to live with us in 1992, a gift from my friend Nadine, whose cool cat Luray had a litter. The boys, then 2 and 6 years old adored the kitten and it was Nick who named him Tootsie Roll. The Roll part was later lost, but Tootsie became a tough talking, amiable companion, allowing the boys to wear him around their necks and tolerating other displays of affection with endless patience.

A devoted hunter, Tootsie is fabled to have felled a moose and was once seen actually in-flight when a Dalmation paid him a surprise visit. He’s on a first name basis with most of the neighbors, whom he visits by walking up to their back doors and asking to come in.

Able to leap tall counters with a single, quiet bound, one leaves meat or cheese on the counter at their own peril, but Tootsie’s always good company.