Meet Mooia!

Name: Mooia

Breed: Burmese

Likes: Whispering sweet nothings to her while being gently cuddled under her arms and belly; taking some exercise by hopping over to our neighbors terrace and tormenting their cat through the glass; sleeping between her guardians with head on pillow and legs outstretched taking up most of the bed; afternoon snoozes on a guardian’s chest nose to nose; the comfort of her third guardian, Sugar from Sit-A-Pet, who fulfills her needs while we are away.

This is how I like to ring in the New Year

Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner; food not on time (feeding routine is most important); guardians preparing to go out for the evening when they should be sitting still for cuddle time; being made to wear an elf hat for Christmas.

About Mooia: She was born in Australia. We did not choose her, rather she chose us while watching her and her siblings with their mother. From the very beginning she has been able to communicate her wants and needs. She grew up with a large garden to explore and in the early days there were many a time someone was sent up a tree to rescue her. She was also a grateful kitten and would often bring home presents to her guardians to show her appreciation e.g. mice, possums, locusts, remains of I don’t know what, and even a bunny. Then at 6 years of age her world changed and she was transported (along with her guardians) to the United States. Culture shock was experienced for the first few months. New surroundings and even the outdoors were unfamiliar. Fortunately, this did change her outlook on small animals and they now seem to co-exist quite happily.

She is a very lovable animal and also needs a lot of love in return. In the early days it was hard to leave her. We would pick her up from various establishments and she was very nervous and upset. Finally we met Sugar and Mooia has shown her contentment with her each time. Like she chose us in the beginning, she has chosen Sugar, and now her world is purrfect!