Meet Oliver!

Name: Oliver

Breed: Rough Collie

Likes: Evenings spent snuggling with my mom and kitty brother and sisters on the Lazyboy; my fuzzy-squeaky toys; cheese; Roxy, the Lab-Pit mix next door; the Wheaton Doggy Park; anything my mom is eating.

2006 will be my best year yet!

Dislikes: When my kitty sister Cleo sticks her head in the Kleenex box and walks around the house. I always pull the box off her head. Is she nuts or what? I also dislike the fact that my kitty sisters don’t understand that when I drop my fuzzy toy right in front of them, stick my butt in the air and bark, that they should pick it up and run.

About Oliver: He became a member of our 6 cat household on 11/11/05. He was brought to us by the kind folks at Best Dawg Rescue and has fit right in. Oliver has accepted the cats and they him. One of them even lies down in front of him so he can wash her face and loves snuggling next to him on the sofa. Having Oliver has made our home complete.