Meet Captain Haddock!

Name: Captain Haddock. Former officer, French Merchant Marine. First name Archibald, but goes by Haddock or Captain Haddock.

Breed: Virginia Pound Special Terrier mix

Likes: Long walks and jogs (Captain Haddock has run several marathons), jazz and low brass, especially partial to e-flat, the doggie park, Daisy (the Shagum’s pound special), Bernie (the Boone’s beagle), Nora (the new pug Puppy next-door), tennis balls, BBC tv, and the guest room couch/sofa bed.

Blistering barnacles! Thundering typhoons! There’s an unknown dog loose on the street and I gotta tell everyone.

Dislikes: Certain black Labradors, days when the family is out, impertinent squirrels, smokers.

About Captain Haddock: Captain Haddock is very loyal to his family pack, which he met over the internet while he was doing graduate work at the Caroline County Animal Shelter. He studied there under the famous Janis Woods of the Caroline County Humane Society. In Arlington County he attended, but did not complete, obedience studies — but we still have hopes. Nonetheless he is, for the most part, an obliging and well-mannered fellow-about-town, quite admired for his natty appearance, his ear movements and his charming tail-wagging.