Name: Jeeves

Breed: Domestic short hair (gray and white)

Likes: Sitting on the lap (he’s so eager for lap time that he angles for a spot before his humans can even sit down themselves and create the lap!); Churu lickable cat treats.

What can I say–I hit the jackpot!

Dislikes: Being held (but see: champion lap cat, above); going to the vet, because been there, done that!

About Jeeves: It’s fair to say that Jeeves was the hottest of hot messes when he came to his foster home (now his forever home) in April 2021 from the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington (FFGW), an all-volunteer nonprofit that rescues homeless cats and kittens in the metro DC area. At almost 13 years old, Jeeves had paws that were infected from overgrown nails, ears that were scarred and itchy from years of untreated ear infections, teeth that were in desperate need of attention, and a mass in his mouth that looked like it was cancerous. It was initially thought he would be a “fospice” (hospice foster) kitty. Fast forward almost two years, and Jeeves is now living his best life, with two humans who adore him and three orange-and-white feline brothers (including two from FFGW). Thanks to support and TLC from FFGW and his family, Jeeves has slowly returned to better health. Happily, the mass in his mouth was not cancer and cleared up with an antibiotic. Most of his teeth needed to be pulled, and he recently required surgery to remove one of his ear canals, so he is totally deaf in one ear. But don’t let his sourpuss face fool you; in spite of all this, he is the most loving cat. Even when he wasn’t feeling his best as he received treatment for his many ailments, he sought the companionship and affection of his people.

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