Name: Nikki, but will only respond to “Natasha”.

Breed: Calico, but wonder if she could be part Maine Coon with some of her habits.

Likes: Looking at herself in the mirror, sitting next to the bathtub watching me take a bath then hops in the tub to take a nap, drinking out of any faucet with running water and paying special attention to our friends with cat allergies. She often helps her parents work on their computers and has become a zoom star since Covid, regularly sharing her face on camera!!  And oh what a face!!

Life is good here. I own this place!

Dislikes: Hates to be hugged and kissed. She is very affectionate but on her own terms. Typical cat.

About Nikki: After 31 wonderful years of working with Sit-A-Pet with at least 3 different kitties, we are ecstatic that we have been chosen for the February Pet of the Month! This kitty is by far the biggest personality of them all. After losing my 18 year old Maine Coon, I was dead set on another Maine Coon. After searching high and low locally for another kitty unsuccessfully, we went online to Petfinder.  Lo and Behold we found our bundle of joy, a face that I could not resist! My husband thought I was insane to drive halfway to New Jersey to pick up our new addition but I was dead set on it.  Her name was Natasha but we changed it to Nikki. She let us know she liked Natasha!!!  She was a diva from the beginning with a big bossy personality always wanting to be in the middle of the action. She greets all of our visitors at the door. She never misses a meal and really eats more like a dog.  She’s got her face in the bowl before you can get the food out. Like a dog she carries her toy wands around for us to play with her. She is adventurous and athletic. She loves to scale the kitchen cabinet or any high piece of furniture and peer down on the scenery. She likes to make cakes on your abdomen and chest and find the perfect spot to settle in for a little loving. Never a dull moment with this one!