Name: Rosie

Breed: Domestic short hair (?)

Time spent with me is never wasted.

Likes: Sitting and lying in and on everything including the arm of the couch (my family call me a “hood ornament”); boxes, sinks, baskets, under the Christmas tree, beds and of course laps. I love to lay curled up in front of the fire when it’s cold out and stretched out in the sun on the screened in porch when it is warm. I love my belly rubbed and I especially love getting petted while standing on the toilet lid.

Dislikes: I am a sweet girl but do not love my newish younger siblings. One (Nocta) always tries to lick me and the other one (Sedona) is always trying to sneak up on me and pounce. I hiss at them but they still come back for more. What is a cat to do?

About Rosie: My sister Lily and I found our way to our family from a shelter in upstate NY on Christmas Eve 2009 when we were just kittens. I dare say we were the best gifts under the tree Christmas morning. After our trek from New York to Virginia we joined a house that had an old boy named Phil. He was a stray that my family brought into their home in 2003 and had been the only cat in the house for a year and had gotten a bit plump. Well with all of our chasing and shenanigans he turned into a kitten again and took very good care of us. We three were very happy until my sister Lily passed unexpectedly in June 2018. In December 2018 my family adopted Nocta and Sedona from the same shelter in NY (each the last of their litter and bonded). They are just over a year old and can be very annoying. This past November our old boy Phil passed at an estimated 20 years of age and again there were three of us, I hope we keep it at that number. I am now the oldest cat in the house and trying to be a good aunt. Many years before I came to the house Sit-A-Pet had been there taking care of my family’s cats. I know my family can relax because they know we are cared for and loved. We love our sitter Arlene.