Meet Mickey!

Name:  Mickey

Breed: Bicolor Blue Point Ragamuffin

Likes: Wrestling with his brother Gus, following the two nine-year old cats around, belly rubs, watching the squirrels and the birds in the backyard, and, most of all, food – he’ll try anything once!

Are you going to eat that or can anyone have a taste?

Dislikes: So far, Mickey’s only dislike is being alone but he’s reserving judgment on hairdryers and vacuums.

About Mickey:  Mickey is a 9 1/2 month old ragamuffin kitten who, along with his brother Gus, came to live in Oakton when he was two months old.  He started out not too sure about his new digs, refusing to eat and mostly staying cuddled up next to his brother.  Once he settled in though, he quickly discovered a love of food, surpassed his brother in weight, and is now trying to earn the title of biggest cat in the household.  At 12.8 pounds, he’s well on his way, weighing almost as much as his nine-year old “stepbrother.”  He loves paper bags and almost any kind of toy, which he often carries around in his mouth and usually deposits near or even in his food or water.  His favorite toys though are bottle caps, which are now scattered all over the house.  It makes walking a challenge!  Mickey doesn’t mind getting wet and has even tried out the shower a few times.  He and his brother, Gus, love people and always are in the middle of the action.  They’ll often cry if they find themselves in a room alone without a cat or person for company.  So far, Mickey hasn’t had to spend much time without any people in the house, but in the few days that has happened, he’s gotten to meet his pet sitter, Sugar.  So far, he really likes what he sees – every time she comes, she gives him food!   Mickey and Gus join all our other kitties who have long been part of the Sit-A-Pet family – we’ve used Sit-A-Pet for 26 years and not a single cat has complained even once!