Meet Mister Whiskers!

Name: Mister Whiskers

Breed: Orange tabby

Likes: Ear, chin, and belly rubs, looking out the window, sleeping in the sunshine, waking up at 4am for snacks, silently judging everyone

What do you mean I already ate?

Dislikes: Being picked up, the loud vacuum cleaner, and really any type of disturbance

About Mister Whiskers: Mister is a chunky green-eyed fellow who meowed his way into my life from the streets of Richmond. He enjoys holding conversations, posing for photos, and showing off his slightly crooked smile. At 10 years old, he clearly rules the house and only occasionally shares his spots on the bed, couch, and chair. Mister loves ALL his Sit-A-Pet sitters and is always grateful to receive a pet, treat, and toss of his string toy.