Meet Dottie!

Name: Dottie, nickname “Dot Dot”

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Brown Tabby

Likes: Naps in sunny spots, catnip pillows, baths from my kitty sister Missy, manipulating my humans, tuna, and chicken.

Sunbeams, fresh air, and a bit of catnip are good for the soul.

Dislikes: When Missy tries to steal my sunny napping spot, the vacuum, cold weather when the screen porch is closed, anything that takes attention away from me, and taking medicine.

About Dottie: Dottie came to us from a friend when she was 6 months old. She was supposed to be “just visiting” to test if I had outgrown childhood allergies, and thank goodness I had, because we were immediately smitten with her. She settled in and the rest is history. Dottie is the quintessential Daddy’s girl, following her human Daddy everywhere, sitting on his feet purring loudly, and even meowing outside the bathroom door to be let in after he finishes his morning shower. She is every bit a kitty diva, who loves attention on her terms, and has to inspect everyone and everything that comes in the house. We were convinced she would be an only cat, but at age 7 she accepted a sister, Missy, who (usually) lets Dottie be top cat and provides cuddles and kitty companionship through thick and thin. Dottie turns 18 in February. She is a longtime Sit-A-Pet client, and we have always appreciated the love and great care Dottie has received on each visit from Callie, Lisa, Holly, and now Sugar. Dottie is enjoying her twilight years hanging out on the screen porch (weather permitting) staring down the deer and squirrels that dare to invade “her” backyard.