Meet Josie!

Name: Josie

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Likes: Snacking on the string and plastic bags that my human doesn’t manage to hide from me. Napping, napping, napping. Eating, eating, eating.

Stop folding the laundry and pay attention to me! Can’t you see I need a chin rub!

Dislikes: Being bullied by her brother Jonah. He’s fun most of the time, but you know what pains brothers can be.

About Josie: Sit-A-Pet sitter Marlene took in a pregnant stray cat 12 years ago. Jonah and Josie were two of the cats born a few months later in that litter. Marlene knew a household that really needed two kitties, so Jonah and Josie moved in and have been happy in their current home ever since. Life got more complicated when Josie was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few months ago. However, she grudgingly lets her human give her a pill twice daily, and Josie is well and back to normal again. When Josie’s family is away, Simone from Sit-A-Pet very capably visits twice daily and sees to it that Josie gets her meds.