Meet Monty!

Name: Monty (formerly known as Tremont)

Breed: Domestic short-hair, steel gray tuxedo

Likes: Anything moving under a blanket, especially hands! Oh, and having his belly rubbed.

I’m a New York kind of guy, with a twinkle in my eye and a distinctive nose. I’m fat and sassy. Now, don’t you want to rub my belly?

Dislikes: Messing with his feet.

About Monty: A year ago before Christmas, I lost a beloved cat to cancer. I didn’t think I was ready to adopt again, but a couple months later I learned that the Washington Animal Rescue League had just received several dogs and cats that lost their homes in Super Storm Sandy. That was all it took to get me headed their way. When I met Tremont, he was a bit sad looking. WARL’s vets had removed a growth from his tail, requiring that his back end and upper tail be shaved. Looking at him from the back, he looked like a baboon! But he was irresistible. At the drop of a hat he would flop in front of you and present his belly to be rubbed. And he was a very mellow guy. He was a bit older (6 years), but so am I (substantially more than him). And that sealed the deal. He needed to stay at WARL until they could remove his stitches, but within the week he came home with me, settled in with no hesitancy, and was dubbed “Monty.” It took almost a year for him to stop gobbling down any bit of food he could get his paws on, but he now accepts that he has a forever home, his next meal is guaranteed, and he can leave some for later. Not sure how I will tell him we both need to go on a diet.