Meet Thor!

Name: Hiya, my name is “chBrightwater’s Diplomat Choice” (the ch in front of Brightwater means I’m a champion!) But my humans nicknamed me “Thor” when I was very young because I am HUGE!

Breed: I am a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Likes: I like climbing in my humans’ lap, whether they are on a sofa or a chair. Of course, I don’t fit in chairs very well, so I can only put my front paws and head in their lap. Talked my humans into getting two 9 foot sofas for the TV room so we can all watch together. I love my step brother, Dakota. He is 2 years younger than me so I have to take care of him. We both especially like our 2 mile walks along the beach in Sandbridge, VA or trekking through the parklands and woods in McLean, Va. And, of course, we adore our Sit-A-Pet buddies.

FEED ME! I am always ready for a treat or meal.

Dislikes: I am a laid back dude, so nada bothers me. Just don’t mess with my little buddy, Dakota!

About Thor: Here’s an example of how I take care of my little brother: Walking through the woods one day, a fellow told my human that he should move his Berner, my buddy Dakota, off the trail as his terrier doesn’t like other dogs. He didn’t realize that I was checking out an interesting smell in the woods. Well, that terrier snapped at Dakota, who yipped. I came running and stopped in front of the terrier, puffed out my chest and tail, to let him know what was what. The terrier’s owner said…”ohhhh myyyy!!”, picked up his dog and headed down the trail. Problem solved and I didn’t even have to bark.