Meet Suzi Q!

Name: Suzi Q

Breed: Apricot toy poodle

Likes: I love people!!! Especially when they pay lots of attention to me!

I never met a squeaky rubber ball I didn’t like.

Dislikes: Being disturbed while I’m getting my beauty sleep.

About Suzi Q: I’m only about 10″ high, but people say that my presence fills up a room! I’m originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but these days make my home in the Washington, DC area with my humans and my new little brother Jackie Chan, who’s that little brown guy behind me in the picture. We got him about a year ago from a rescue organization, and at first was he ever shy and scared! I’ve been hard at work showing him the ropes though, and now we have lots of fun playing together, taking walks and hanging out. Sometimes my humans have to go out of town, and boy oh boy, then the fun begins!!! We have this awesome lady Liz from Sit-A-Pet come and take care of us. I make her throw my ball over and over, and then she chases me around the living room. Boy, is that ever fun!!! I’m pretty self-assured and I love to be the life of the party, and am so honored to be Sit-A-Pet’s pet of the month!