Meet Phin!

Name: Phineus or Phin

Breed: Tuxedo, 2 years old

Likes: Playing catch with his mouse, wrestling with his big brother Phantom, sleeping in the linen closet, watching the birds out the window, GREENIES!, cotton balls, chillin in the bathtub, sleeping under blankets, meeting new people and being the center of attention.

Can we be friends?

Dislikes: When his roommates go to work, going to the vet, having to wait for his breakfast, getting beat up by his brother.

About Phin: Phin was adopted in May at a pet store in Philadelphia. After many months of resisting the temptation to adopt another cat, I took one look at Phin and knew he had to join our clan. He is a sweet natured, gentle creature, who endears himself to everyone he meets. This includes his grumpy big brother Phantom who initially didn’t like the idea of having a sidekick after 4 years solo. But he has made our home complete. His energy is boundless as he is always up for a game of catch, a snack, or a wrestling match with Phantom. Phin’s nickname is “Squeaks” because instead of a typical meow, he just squeaks at you. He loves to cuddle with humans and felines alike.