Name: Loki

Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Tabby

Likes: Being brushed, playing with the packing paper from the Chewy box, feathers, catnip pickle, mewing at the birds in the birdbath, and watching the wildlife in our yard

“More, please!”, whether it is food, brushing, or enjoying her daily walk around the house.

Dislikes: Other cats, barking dogs, riding in the car, the doorbell, loud kids when they get off the school bus, and especially Halloween (the door bell and loud kids combined!)

About Loki: Loki was the featured Pet of the Week in the Washington Post in July 2011 and we were immediately drawn to the photo of the little cat with the Amy Winehouse eyes. When we went to visit her at the Montgomery County Humane Society, she nuzzled our necks and loved being held. Her shelter name was Unique and we quickly realized how she got the name. She has truly been the most unique cat either of her parents have ever had. She is very talkative and extremely playful, and is somewhat obedient. She loves Maru from Sit-a-Pet, who takes wonderful photos of Loki. While she is initially careful around strangers, she ends up ‘supervising’ anyone who enters the house, such as plumbers, house painters, etc. One contractor even said that he liked our ‘dog’; she follows them around, yet gives them space to work. And most unique of all, she is also fascinated by the vacuum cleaner: I often have to pick her up and move her when I vacuum – definitely a first for any cat I’ve ever known. Loki is happy to continue her family’s 30-year tradition of using Sit-a-Pet so she can enjoy all the comforts of home when her parents mysteriously disappear.