Name: Zippy

Breed: Green Rump Parrotlet

Likes: Sailing, Hanging out with Captain and First Mate, Head scratches, Being in charge

Dislikes: Not being in charge, Not being in the middle of all activity

As Zippy likes to say “Zippeee is a pretty good boy”

About Zippy: Big things sometimes come in small packages! Despite his small size (4 1/2” and 20 grams), he has an outsized personality that he uses to charm everyone he meets. (Think the Chicken Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn, cartoon characters) In addition to talking, he also likes to help in the kitchen mimicking the noises that go on while preparing a meal. He is quite the traveler, having made three sailing trips to and from the Caribbean, which is nearly 10,000 miles. Being a tropical bird, he enjoys the warm weather and laid back lifestyle. When he can’t travel with us, he loves his Sit-A-Pet caretaker, Maru, because she lavishes him with attention and proper care.