Meet Lexi!

Name: Lexi

Breed: Burmese

Likes: Sun, people, my feline brother Cocoa, music, treats, cuddles, toys I can carry with me, playing hide and seek, playing everything, sun, people…

I’m fun to hang out with.

Dislikes: None really. Sometimes I refuse to take my medicine in a pill pocket treat. My parents think that I don’t like the pill pockets but I’m really just having a game with them.

About Lexi: Lexi is an intelligent fun loving eight year old sable Burmese. Lexi purrs easily and has a very sweet and unique purr – some say that she sounds like a little bird. Lexi would disagree and say that this is just how she purrs. She is very friendly and outgoing. Lexi loves company, even when the company comes to her home to repair the dishwasher. She has to say hello to everyone. Children are especially fun for her – they know how to play! And sometimes they will kiss her! Lexi loves people so much that she even enjoys going to the vet. Visiting the vet is another chance to say hello to everyone. And her vet tells her that she is exquisite. Lexi really loves people who appreciate her.

Lexi takes good care of her feline brother Cocoa. Cocoa is a very handsome sable Burmese. He is also very sweet and cuddly. But Cocoa is a bit shy especially with strangers and he sometimes has nightmares. Lexi will comfort him with a few rubs and purrs to let him know that everything is all right. Cocoa and Lexi like to play together and chase each other and then relax together in the sun. They are an adorable team.

Lexi would like to have the chance to go out and meet more people and maybe even travel. But she knows that she has to stay home and take care of Cocoa. Lexi and Cocoa are sometimes sad when their family leaves them, but they are happy to have their pet sitter Lorraine come over for a visit. Lorraine is fun! In a perfect world, Lexi and Cocoa would love to have their family at home and have daily visits from their good friend Lorraine.