Meet Aristotle!

Name: Aristotle

Breed: Netherland Dwarf mix

Likes: Food – pellets, hay, lettuce, basil, cilantro, fruits, treats – you name it, he loves it! Roaming free in his apartment; “Reading” (aka shredding) magazines; being with his people; hanging out under furniture and in a bookshelf; watching sports on TV.

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday! Why am I still in my cage with no breakfast??

Dislikes: Being picked up; having his nails clipped; getting his meals late (he has a very particular schedule!); spending too much time in his cage; being left alone for long periods.

About Aristotle: Aristotle is a 6, almost 7, year old rescue bunny from North Carolina who moved to DC with his people in May 2014. True to his name, Aristotle is VERY smart! He has figured out all our tricks for luring him back into his cage, knows how to stand up and walk to get treats, and will deliberately choose to forget his litter training to express displeasure when his dinner is late. Though he has a large cage to call his own, Aristotle always prefers running free to explore or just relax in his favorite spots. He’s a very social and affectionate bunny who loves getting pats, as long as you sit on the floor next to him. He also loves to play chase with his dad and throw and chew his willow toys and any books we happen to leave on the floor – he needs plenty of bunny-safe toys to keep him busy since he’d also be more than happy to chew baseboards and wires! Aristotle is the sweetest, funniest little rabbit and brings so much joy to his people.