Meet Mario!

Name: Mario Markarian

Breed: Shelter special/grey tabby

Likes: Treats, neck rubs, munching grass in the yard on Mom-supervised visits to the great outdoors.

We need another cat in the White House. It’s all gone downhill since Socks Clinton left. Hrmph!

Dislikes: Everyone except his mom

About Mario: Mario is an alum from the Arlington Animal Welfare League. I adopted him in July 1994 when he was about six months old. His shelter name was “Taz” — as in “Tasmanian Devil” — because he would race up and down hallways and could leap over five feet in the air. He’s a well-travelled kitty having lived in seven different homes in Alexandria, VA, Austin, TX, Silver Spring, MD and now Washington, DC. He’s developed into a bit of curmudgeon, but is still spry for a 20-year old, and is successfully living with low-grade lymphoma. He’s a trooper with his daily pills, and our wonderful Sit-A- Pet sitter Gordon reports that he and Mario have an understanding that pills = treats. Mario is my very special guy. He’s been with me almost half of my life, through thick and thin, tragedy and joy. When he greets me at the door after work, I know that I’m truly home.