Meet Slate!

Name: Slate

Breed: Gray domestic shorthair

Likes: Certain warm laps, crickets, boxes, bird watching, and things to chase.

Life is good when the humans behave.

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements (unless they’re hers), and being told what to do, especially if it involves a carrier.

About Slate: Slate selected us over 4 years ago when we visited Last Chance Animal Rescue, months after the death of her long-lived and beloved predecessor, Carolina. She’s great fun to be around, going from sound asleep to full speed in an instant. Despite being an indoor cat, she keeps herself in great shape by chasing ping pong balls and invisible mice. She likes to “help” change the sheets by jumping under them and attacking them as they’re straightened. When we travel, we know that Slate and our home are in Kathy’s and Sit-A-Pet’s capable hands. We were especially grateful when Kathy handled a leak in our roof, caused by an ice dam, and had it patched before we returned home. Slate did not have to get her paws wet.